Hot Stones


Archaeologists and researchers have summarized that versions of the “Hot stone” have been used for centuries by archaic cooks who discovered and took advantage of the ability of rock to retain and emit heat.

Pre-historic stone pits found in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are believed to be this first ovens used by Aboriginal people. In New Zealand, the Maori continue their own ancient tradition of cooking with stones placed in a hole in the ground.

At Rango's Hot Stone Kitchen we have transformed this primeval method of cooking into a unique dining concept in which your meal is served to you on a bed of lava rock held within the custom made recess of a bamboo board.

The stone is heated to 260oC  in a purpose built oven, and will retain this temperature for 40mins before the cooling process begins.

This ensures  every single mouthful of your food will be hot fresh and delicious regardless of how long it is cooked for or how fast/slowly you eat it, because your meal is cooked on "dry heat" from the tablet it will never burn, char or become dry.

A Healthy Option for All

Hot stones not only provide a sensational dining experience but also a fresh and healthy way of cooking your food.

The high, dry heat of your stone sears in the natural juices of your meat or fish rendering the need for additional cooking oils unnecessary, thus providing a healthier alternative to many cooking methods.

The searing process also means that the natural flavour and tenderness of the product remains and that there is no shrinkage of the chosen cut.

 All of this adds up to a fresh and healthy alternative with unrivalled taste that is sure to keep you coming back for more

Cooking instructions (5 easy steps)

1. When your food arrives seal the meat or fish on both side
2. For medium to well cut into bite-sized chunks
3. For rare of blue leave whole and cut each piece as and when you want it
4. Sauces can be added before or after the cooking process
5. Enjoy